2011 is a web service allowing users to install an artificial intelligence (bot) on their Facebook and/or Twitter account. From keywords and by analysing content and activity, the bot attempts to simulate the presence of the user, and improve it by feeding their account and creating new contact with other users.Social networks are the first medium to show statistically the social prowess of a person (e.g. number of friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter). For many users, reaching the expected success can become a time-consuming and difficult task, especially when human factors such as shyness, introversion or feelings of worthlessness are present.

The bot is not born with a fictitious identity, but will be added to the real identity of the user to modify it at their convenience. Thus, this bot is seen as a virtual prosthetic added to a user's account, aiming to build them a greater social reputation. However, the bot provides even more fraudulent social interactions defrauding even more who is who in cyberspace, further exposing the poverty of intercommunication within so called "social" networks.

Due to an unexpected high number of subscriptions (more than 5'000) and awful programming, the project had to be shut down in 2014.

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